Fairytale by Nneka and her Joadre bag against trafficking.

Nneka on hubcouture joadre

Super excited to publish this video. If you love African music with a strong message, then you definitely know Nneka. Nigerian-German soul/reggae/hip hop singer, songwriter and actress, who uses her music to debate social issues. About a year ago, our in-house brand, Joadre  collaborated with Nneka to release of an exclusive pullstring bag collection in other to promote the handwork of young Nigerian tailors. 

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Using our Design lab on HubCouture, Nneka developed the a beautiful pullstring bag and spiced it up with an exclusive self-sketched artwork. Nneka first gained public attention in 2004 while performing as an opening act for dancehall reggae star Sean Paul at Hamburg Stadtpark. She successfully recorded her first Album “Victim of truth” in 2005 which led her on a tour within Europe. She later performed in the US, touring and appeared in the Late night Show with David Letterman in New York.

With many awards, nominations, top hits in the chats like “Heartbeat”, Nneka stresses the need for everyone to collaborate, to give give back to society and be a voice against injustice. No wonder, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is one of her Role models. She co-founded the Rope foundation with Ahmed “Genda” Nyei from Sierra Leone to support youths express themselves through art. In her new song “Fairytale” she talks about the experiences of African Diasporas in Europe.

As part of her social engagements for human rights, she collaborated with Joadre to release the first 85 Nneka Joadre bag. The Nneka bag was made by two different production workshops in Lagos, spearheaded by Bose. The exclusive sketch by Nneka was firstly silkscreened on black canvas fabrics by Chidi, owner of a small printers shop in Surulere. The bag version with an oxblood flap has the flap made out of vegetable, pressed to create a leather-like look. The ladies of Joadre production assembled the bag carefully with love in our Surulere production. We must say that Nneka has used her popularity to support these young Nigerian women, who we consistently train and support to build their own business with their handwork. The collaboration was sealed with a short interview by Hotensiah Muchai, a Keyan presenter based in Vienna, during the African festival. As you can hear the heavy background noise, we were at the African festival in Vienna Danube Island and nature spiced up the background with rain. We hope you are able to enjoy and profit from everything Nneka says in this video. If you want to support Nnekas engagements, it seasy, get her music and if you would like to support  Joadres  work, its also easy, visit our website www.joadre.com and spread the work about human trafficking.

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