HubCouture is a mobile phone app, showcasing the latest custom-made fashion and lifestyle designs from your favourite couturier. Developed by the Austrian-Nigerian fashion brand, Joadre, HubCouture is on a mission to  empower home groomed couturiers, designers, fashion marketers, stylist, tailors and fabric producers. Tailors/designers/couturier can now apply for a boutique beneath. If you need assistance, please contact Subscribe to weekly newsletter – get design inspirations, patterns, styles, updates, training, funding opportunities. HubCouture App release > July 2017 in Lagos. Hope to see you at our mega bash!


Cost & set-up fee!

  • There is no set-up fee or cost.
  • There is no monthly or recurring fee or cost.
  • We collect 15% net from all transactions booked directly through our platform.
  • If you choose the option to allow stylist promote and sell your products on the platform, stylist will get 10%, making a deal of 25% (Our 15% + stylist 10%)
  • You can opt in for paid services such as digital pattern delivery, graphics, exclusive featuring, approaching European outlets etc. but we advise you to look into this when you boutique has already started rocking!

What are my benefits? Your 10 immediate benefits!

  1. Global exposure. Part of a network.
  2. Increased revenues.
  3. Access to exclusive Couturier-only training.
  4. Access to inspirations, free+paid patterns.
  5. Classic and social media promotion.
  6. Back-office customer service.
  7. Hassle free delivery to client.
  8. Access to exclusive events and meetings.
  9. Business growth grooming towards global standards.
  10. Funding opportunities.

How does it work?

  1. Complete our setup form.
  2. Upload pictures using the form on the right or send them per mail to
  3. We create your boutique on app.
  4. We promote you on HubCouture (classic advertising, media relations, events, social media featuring)
  5. Customers places an order for your design.
  6. You produce within 5-7 work days.
  7. We deliver or customer pickup.

How do I get my money?

  1. Customers pay on Hubcouture app either with credit card or cash-on-deleivery.
  2. Customer pays 50% upfront upon order. You receive your 50% deposit upon order.
  3. Customer pays 50% balance upon deleivery. You receive your 50% balance 7 days after delivery due to standard return policy.
  4. You can track your orders, sales and request payment through the app revenue tracking page.
  5. You must register a bank account with our system after your boutique has been set up.

Looking to start a fashion business?

Apply for a boutique/store on HubCouture

By submitting this form, you confirm to have read the terms and policy. This form serves as an agreement to our policy. You can find it here > 



  1. Fill in your details and click apply to be a vendor. Subscribe to tutorials*.
  2. Wait for approval within 7 hours.
  3. Log in with your email and password.
  4. Go to Dashboard to set-up your boutique.

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