Int. women’s Day 2018


Dear generous stranger,

This is the very one day where I get so much attention from the world for being a woman. Emojis with love and flying kisses, oh my God! Creepy though! If you had no choice but to enjoy the 8th of march as a public holiday, I would understand the gratitude and intended romance. But it is not! On march 8, 1857, female garment workers protested on the streets of New York for humane work conditions and equality. I bet their furious feets would have crushed the flowers you would throw at them, since emojis were not so in then.

Did you seriously wake up today, thinking about which female to send digital wishes and roses to? That would be creepy. I hope you do not think to be extra nice to women today? Oh poor you, what a good intention! It is appreciated though, but save the good gesture for the remaining 364 days. I beg of you, please send me real flowers every hour that I can touch, smell and sell, if you believe it is totally right that men should earn more than women for the same job. That way, we might even earn more than men.

All with good intentions.


The woman next door!