Earth bell-charm bracelet

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Signature bracelet > Bell-charm bracelet series.
Included > 1 bracelet.
Material > Gemstone, gold plated findings.
Care > Simply air dry then store away in cloth bag or in its box.
NOOKSignatures jewelries are hand crafted, custom-made pieces. We would like you to enjoy a perfect fit. Therefore use the form above to send us your measurements as required


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About NOOKSignature > A Collection of diverse Beaded and Gemstone jewelry for a wide range of occasions and for both sexes.

My story > I’ve always been a handy person as concerns the arts and I love doing lots of stuff with my hands. It all started during my first professional exam in medical school…. (lasted longer than anticipated). I spent all savings and was forced to finally try out a skill I always felt I had within me…. hand made cards!  The longer medical school lasted, the more aware I became that I could be responsible for some of my personal expenses. Card making was good, but I wanted more. Back then, my elder sister made jeweleries. “Why not sell hers as well?” I thought. It all started with me having to learn how to  repair jewelery pieces that were damaged, since my sister had no time to do it due to her full time job.   It became more exciting to create designs from scratch. I put up a list of needed equipments, saved up to buy them and voila… here I am today even better at it than my elder sis.(This is the part she would not stand. Lol). And by the way, I finally graduated medical school! …Dr. NOOKS.