Treat a Poodle according to the reception of its owner?


Seriously, I am beginning to feel worried that I talk to dogs now as well. 15 years ago, tell me a relationship like this could exist. Its our first 30 degrees this season. It’s obvious everyone want to be around the Danube, either on bike, skates, in a buggy or by foot. Side by side, they stroll down the shady lane. Almost synchronous, they swim together in the Danube river.

Sometimes they play a game. She throws a ball, it runs for it. “Hey, sit down. I said, sit down you little rat”.  One could think she suffered a mood-swing. Shortly before, she was fondling with the little poodle, and now she is screaming from the top of her lungs and at the same time popping out a wave of nicotine smoke out of her month. Now you get to see who has the trousers on in this relationship.

The little brownish poodle sits down wiggling its tail, waiting either for a ball to be thrown or for another word of command. Hours goes by, I lie there on the grass hoping not to have the wet dog shake off her wet fur on my blanket. I watch vigilantly,  waiting to see how this relationship would play out. I had a dog for a short while when I was a child.  Dare I had such an intense relationship! The fear it could bite me and I could get rabies, was way to intense to spare a space for deep affection in my soul.

Ok, this was probably why I did not have a dog for long. The brown poodle came jumping at her, licking her around the mouth. Beautiful for her, but unbearable to watch. I gazed away admiring the courage of the dog, the sun setting and the Bisamberg hill view. Time had flown fast, I never got to read my novel, distracted by their romance, it was time for them to go. All the while, I wondered who had the buggy packed close to them. I saw no child but expected to see a three year old join them anytime soon. The hand sewn colorful blanket, the teddy, everything hinted that a toddler was around!

But no, the buggy was for the little poodle. Had I known the extent of this love, had I captured the moment for you on camera. It was too late. The Poodle was probably tired. She jumped into the buggy, hid under the sunshade to protect her from tanning though it was already brown. Off they went, slowly near one another, holding a one sided conversation. It was beautiful but also pathetic.

Beautiful to see that humans have evolved this far to show so much affection to another animal species beyond themselves. But pathetic to see that she, the poodle owner, never replied my “hello” nor friendly gestures when I passed by and her dog ran to me wiggling its tail. She was a beautiful brown poodle. She even made me bleed out some affection.

Affection for a stranger dog I had no chance to meet, because her master obviously had no love, no friendliness  left to share with me, a fellow human. Now I worry, when dogs run up to me. Do I treat them according to the reception of their owners or do I flirt back with words and affection? Let me know what you think? Have you had a happy dog, angry owner experience? Do not forget to subscribe beneath to know when I share something new.